Graduate Program Seminar Series I

Monday September 8 from 5:30pm- 8:30pm in Founders College, room 305

The seminar on Monday will be facilitated by Professors David Cecchetto and Avron Kulak

Professor David Cecchetto: This paper connects thinking about algorithms, affect, and aesthetic listening to the challenges that are posed by the ubiquitous extra-sensory computations that characterize our era of New Media. To this end, I trace an argument showing that while algorithmic compositions often present a piece for us to listen to in order to hear the existence of algorithms that exceed our senses, other approaches more readily avow our implication in this hearing and teach us how to leverage the aesthetic dimension of our couplings in order to learn how to act. In short, since (as Jonathan Sterne demonstrates) “the point of [sound] recording and reproduction is not to mirror sound but to shape it actively” (Sterne 2006, 837), I want to make the case that listening in the full sense to algorithmic compositions is about learning how to shape the human-computer systems we all live within.

Professor Avron Kulak: will be reading a paper entitled, "The World Is Not The Way It Is: The Twice Told Tales of Biblical Narrative."