PhD in Humanities

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program

The PhD Program is a multi-year program of advanced graduate study whose purpose is to train students to become highly qualified scholars in Humanities. The program culminates in the preparation of a dissertation that makes an original contribution to scholarship in Humanities. The program is open to qualified students who want to obtain advanced scholarly training in the interdisciplinary study of culture in Humanites. Admission requirements are listed below.

  • MA degree with a grade average of at least B+ in an area relevant to undertaking doctoral study in Humanities, or its equivalent.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • Statement of research intention which outlines a research project to be pursued at the PhD level and provides a cogent rationale for undertaking interdisciplinary study of culture in Humanities.
  • Sample of written academic work relevant to graduate study in Humanities (max 30p)
  • Academic CV

The length of time required to complete the PhD is normally five to six years (15 to 18 terms). Doctor of Philosophy students must register and pay fees for a minimum of the equivalent of six terms of full-time registration. All requirements for a doctoral degree must be fulfilled within 18 terms (6 years) of registration as a full-time or
part-time doctoral student in accordance with Faculty of Graduate Studies’ registration policies.

Full time PhD students are eligible for a York Graduate Student Fellowship Package as funding support which covers the program fees. Students are also entitled to a full-time Teaching Assistant role during their course of studies as a source of employment. Additional financial support is also available for students who demonstrate academic merit. To understand York's funding commitment model, please review the York Graduate Fellowship structure.

PhD students are required to complete 3 full courses (18 credits), Comprehensive Exams, a Dissertation Proposal, and an Oral Defense for the successful completion of their doctoral degree. Detailed degree requirements can be found under the current students- degree requirements section of the website.