Major Research Papers

Major Research Papers Titles



Adrienne M. Ryder
Cultivating Indigenous Literacy in High School Students: Documentaries by Indigenous Women

Alexandra Nadia Hanania
Love’s Betrayal: Judas as Hero, Adversary, and Super-ego in Martin Scorcese's The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)

Yalini Jothilingam
REBELS AND WRITERS: Charting the Trajectories of a Gendered Self in Conflict

Moshe Zevulun Wise
The Rabbis and the Bible: Censorship, Supplementation and Controversy

Christopher Simon Corker
‘Dark Nostalgia’: Yearning for Loss in Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood and Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited.

Alina Tariq
Acting 'Natural': Performance and Self-Deception in the age of Social Media

Mark Subekti Tam
Buber and Friere's Dialogical Pedagogy in the Corporate University: A Praxis of Critical Social Leadership in Student Affairs

Sasan Heidarzadeh
Contesting the Bare Life of Detained Refugees: Resisting Relationships of Power and the Kyriarchal Logic of Refugee Camp in Behrooz Boochani’s No Friend but the Mountains

Ryan Lee

Sheelagh Teresa O'Donovan-Polten
Wordsworth’s Aesthetics of Landscape

Joanna Joy Prescod
Black Looks: Hypervisuality and the Racialized Female Body

Mizussa Morii
A Death in the Family: The Maintenance of Familism in Postwar Japan

Sabiha Binte Haque
The Children of Indigenous Communities in Canada Suffer Between the “Political Turmoil of a Capitalist Society” and “Privileged Tribal Leaders”

Iman Abdul Razzak
The Acculturation Experiences of Female Syrian Youths in Canada: Barriers to Integration and Coping Strategies




Sam Sanchinel:
GenderGreeks and the Spirit of Trans Folk; Re-Reading/Writing a History of Gender

Jordan Krohn:
Woolf, Modernism, Anti-Imperialism: The Multiple Dimensions of Empire in Virginia Woolf’s Early Novels

Robert Berto:
Health and Holy Scripture: American Evangelical Christianity and the (Re)Production of American Healthcare

Michael Marrano:
The Brutal Cycle of Western Masculinity in the Literature of Ernest Hemingway

Lubna Ahmed:
“An Intercourse of Spirit and Flesh:” Erotic-mysticism in Lilian Nattel's The River Midnight,Raja Alem's Fatma, My Thousand & One Nights, and Amy Gottlieb's The Beautiful Possible

Shamara Nicholson:
Loving Day in the Black “Woke” Era: Contemporary Notions of Black Women’s Sexual Agency and Intimacy with White Men

Natalie Welsh:
Resistance Through Ethnicity: Early Asian Immigration, Picture Brides and the Second Generation

Justyn Mahanger:

Harry Weaver:
Modern Pagan Ritual Sites: The Cultivation of Sacred Objects at Raven's Knoll

Matthew Steves:
Indigenous Writers and their Storytelling

Karissa Greer:
Playing With Stereotypes: an analysis of identity formation in video games through Yakuza 0


Peyton Bechard:
The Diverging Utopian Connotations of “Arirang” on Today’s Divided Korean Peninsula

Olivia Danylchuk:
The Changing of the Gaze: Female Filmmakers at Work

Sadia Uddin:

Stephanie Alleyn:
Heterotopic Hyper Realities: Creation and translation of place in anime/manga fandom culture(s)


Joshua Trichilo:
Fire in the Snow: Political Resistance in the Editing of Kawabata's Snow Country from Pre-Sino-Japanese Conflict to Post-WWII Occupation

Mark Terry:
The Evolution of the Documentary Film as an Instrument of Social Change

Carmen Ramirez:
Towards the Development of a Canadian Latina  Evangélica  Liberation Theology: What can be borrowed from the South?

Janet Seow:
Doll Play and Formation of Self-Identity: A Study of Black Girls’ Lived Experiences in Toronto

Abid Mirza:

Janice Anderson:
DisMANtling Mastercodes: A Gyne-logical Intervention Towards Human Sorority

Christine Nguyen:
Making Art in the Everyday: Virginia Woolf’s Jacob’s Room and Vanessa Bell’s Still Life Paintings

Adwoa Afful:
Redrawing the Cartographies of Afrodiaspora through Feminist Afrofuturism

Shaunasea Brown:
I am not my hair, eh!: Exploring the Politics of Black Women’s Hair in Canada

Anton Titov:
NINA BERBEROVA: Lost in Migration

Mahdieh VAli-Zadeh:
From Imagination to Nothingness: A Kantian Approach to Wordsworth vs. A Hegelian Approach to Rumi on the Matter of the Sublime

Daniel Cho:
Religion-Gender Perspective into Self-Preservation Effort of Southeast Asian Refugees in the West after the Vietnam War

Zena Gopal:
Shock Therapy: Unearthing the Pathology of Neoliberal Development Economics

Erik Tate:
Poetics as Survival: Using Walter Benjamin’s ‘The Translator’s Task’ to Read Dante’s Divine Comedy

Saadia Salamath:
From Stereotype to Social Type: American Television’s Visibly Muslim Female Characters

Huda Hassan:
The Making of the “Somali Criminal”: Exploring the criminalization of young Somali males through Canadian mass media

Alicia Edwards:

Geetha Sukumaran:
Contemporary  Tamil Poems  from Sri Lanka: Regional Sensibility and Mainstream Trauma Theory

Shahab Bayani:
Subaltern Masculinity: Complicating identity Construction in the Age of Global Fear


Alexander Manzoni:
Flags to Riches: the New World and Economic National Consciousness in Early Modern England

Stephanie Todd:
Shakespeare's Tempest as a Meditation on Power

Chevy Eugene:
The Ideology of Caribbean Integration: Arts Development Model

Thi Van Diep:

Poignant Terrains: Perception, Meaning Making, and the Creation of Transcendental Landscapes

Andrew Cantarutti:
HAPPY IN FLUX: The Role of Happiness in Utopian Literature

Forrest Johnson:
Clytemnestra’s Space: Gendered Space in Greek Tragedy and Victorian Literature

Carmen Ramirez:
Towards the Development of a Canadian Latina  Evangélica  Liberation Theology: What can be borrowed from the South?


Kaziwa Abdulkadir:
From Indigenous Post-migration Genocide Culture

Marlee Mozeson:
Maintenance of Identity in Canada's Small Jewish Communities: A Focus on the Prairie Provinces

Roland Shainidze:
A Child of the Times: Post-Secularization, New Age Movements and Toronto’s Universal Oneness Church

Monireh Mohammadi:
The Pardoxes of Representation

Tiffany Jarvis:
Sex, Semen, and Salvific Eating

Melanie Marjadsingh:
The Thin Line Between Law and Pop Culture: An Exploration into the Media’s Influence on Society, Narrative, and Legal Culture

Angie Wong:
Phenomenological Wanderings: Deep Reality in Heidegger and Daoist Philosophy (道家)

Simran Saini:
Negotiating Womanhood: Making Meaning of my Gatka

Barry Germansky:
The Generational Gaze: Nicholas Ray's Anti-Capitalist Rebellion through the Development of a New Film Syntax

Debra Danilewitz:
The Therapeutic Value of Children's Picture Books: How Picture Books Matter

Sean Steele:
Finding the Cosmic Centre: The Transcendental Ground of Classical Greece in a Morphological History

Joel Starkman:
Robert Crumb’s Genesis Illustrated: Is it Commentary? An Ad Fontes Visual Verbatim Deconstruction of the Biblical Visual Canon

Christopher Satoor:
“A Part” of this World: Deleuze and the Logic of Creation

Shoshana Elaharar:
Philo’s Portrayal of Moses

Cam Van Luong:
Immorality as Punishment - Some Cautionary Motifs and Narratives


Loughlin Adams Murphy:
A Critical Analysis of American Rhetoric and Propaganda in the Aftermath of 9/11

Edward Atkinson:
The Problem of the Historical Judas

Dylan DeJong:
Eyes of Reason: Visual Metaphors in Two Genealogies of the The Philosophy of Metaphor

Konstantinos Economou:
Landmark Films of the 70s: Capitalism, Masculinity and Violence

Rachel Falconer:
The Spirit of Social Evangelical Reform:  Social Gospel 1890’s - 1930’s

Tracey Holzhueter:
Identity & Memory in Switzerland: How History Museums in Basel, Bern, and Zürich Create Regional and National Identities

Alex Hurezeanu:
Apocalypse and Utopia: Hope After the Bombs

Alexandra Jocic:
The Paradox of the Modern Subject: An Analysis of 19th and 20th Century European and Japanese Literature

Rokisha Lewis:
Obesityas risk and resistance among black women in the Americas

Ryan Maharaj: 
The Thunderbolt of Zeus: Adaptations and Manifestations

Jilynn Quek:
An Adventurer Like You: Heroic Quests in the Video Game Medium

Sarah Sackville-McLauchlan:
Truth, Trust and Revelation: Unmasking Justice and Ontological Security in Phantom of the Opera Fanfiction

Jing Xu:
The Contentious Chinese-Russian Friendship in Harbin from 1898 to 1917


Dawn Anthony:

Lucius, Trimalchio and Modern Ideology: A discourse on the position of freedmen in Roman society

Shannon Higson:
Ethical Freedom in Spinoza and Hegel

Andrei Hociung:
The Compassionate Death in The Romanian Version of The Testament of Abraham and the Destructive Thanatos in The Greek Testament of Abraham

Denise Handlarski:
The Postcolonial Law

Hannah Jocelyn:
Unsettled: Border-Crossiing Women Writers Elizabeth Hay and Jane Rule

Jonathan Jaffit:
Sectarianism, Sexism and Strife: Criticism, Defense and Praise of the Teshuvah Movement

Margaret Keresteci:
Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder: The Case of the Circassian Harem Slave

Tehmina Khan: Swati Women's Quest for an Identity

Matthew Kirshenblatt:
The Spirit of Herodotus in Gaiman and Moore: Narrative Spaces and their Relationships in Mythic World-Building

Marva Milo:
Gender and Genre in Two Accounts of World War II

Ilona Molnar:
Translation at the Nation’s Borders: Gendering the Proper Name in Hungarian Fiction

Jason Rothery:
A Tale of Two Trilogies: Severing the Star Wars Saga

Noa Yaari:
Personal Contexts in Leonardo da Vinci's Portrait of Ginevra de' Benci


Elise Loterman: 
Past, Present, and Future: Women in Positions of Religious Communal Leadership in the Jewish Community

Niloufar Motaref:
One Myth, Two Stories

Joe Oryshak: 
Gauging The Current Canonical Status of the Pericope Adulterae

Evan Radford:
Synthesizing the Jewish Nation with Religion: An Analysis and Examination of Religious Zionism in Interwar America

Susan Rajendran: 
The Universal and The Particular in the Philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore

Andrea C. Valente: 
Testimonies of a Life in Translation: [Self]-Representation, Discourse and Memory in Olga Benario’s Auto/biography and Film


Robert Beghetto: 
The Subjective Identity in an Absurd World: An Examination of the Modern Outsider Within Italo Svevo’s Zeno’s Conscience

Camille -Esther Beniluz: 
Gonzalo de Berceo: A Labovian Analysis of Antisemitic Discourse in the Milagros de Nuestra Señora

Hannah Biesterfeld:
The Role of the Vatican at the United Nations

Chris Bond:
The Isle of Brutus and the ‘Other’ Trojan War: Vernacular Narratives of the Trojan War in late Mediaeval England

Gorcin Dizdar:
The Symbols of the Stecak Stones

Daniel M. Held:
The Historical Development of the Jewish Prayer for the Government: From a Plea for Protection to the Hope of Contribution

Bernhard Isopp:
Instrumentalism And Constructivism

Stacey Kirpichova:
“There’s An App for That: Living as Cyborgs, Version 2010”

Johan MacKechnie:
Images of Christian Thought: Representation of Moors and Jews in Las Cantigas de Santa Maria with an Emphasis on Aristotelian and Spinozean Reflection

Jonathan Milesvky:
The Üvermensch and the Prophet: Divergent Philosophies, Congruent Practices

Martin Parrot:
The Volatile Hermes: A Critique of Frances A. Yates’ Approach to the History of Renaissance and Early Modern Hermeticism

William Urban:
Freedom qua Spontaneity: The Lacanian Subject in the Critique of Pure Reason

Merin Xavier:
Women in Contemporary South Asian Sufism: Gender, Embodiment, and Ritual Performances


Patrick Bois:
Triptych Re-Mythologization of Love, Animals, and Adolescence in the Work of Collette

Giovanna (Joanne) Ferrara:
Love and Democracy in Light of Spinoza’s Seven Dogmas

Serhiy Hleybman:
Binding of Isaac in Rabbinical and Early Christian Literature

Matthew Kaufman:
Menorah Journal: Progressive Era Evolution, Social Science, and Jewish Americanization in New York

Karen Levy:
The Fragmented Life of Daniel Levi (aka. Miguel) de Barrios (1635-1701) Spanish Emigré and Ex-converso, Popular Poet and Playwright

Steve Nesbitt:
Alexander Pope’s Poetical Cosmogeny: Homer, Imagination and the Enlightenment

Shameela Zaman:
Gendered Nationalism(s): Female Political Participation within Hindutva

Ivan Zhavoronkov:
Symbolism in Freidrich Nietzsche’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”


Mark Christopher Ambrogio:
Nineteenth Century Gothic Revival Ecclesiastical Architecture in London, Ontario, As it Relates to its Liturgical Use

Paula Anderton:
The Science fiction of Marie Coralli

Terry Boyd-Zhang:
An Examination of the Cross-Cultural Reception of “Ancient Melodies” by Ling Shuhua (1900-1990)

Canina Clifford:
The Ladder as a Religious Metaphor in Medieval Mystic Literature

Justin Derry:
Freedom of Critique, Cosmopolitanism and Posthumanist Ethical Hospitality

Andrea DiFebo:
The Transformative Role of the University During the Scottish Enlightenment

Madalina Hubert:
To Delight and to Instruct: The Power of Literature to Affect Readers Lives

Jane Hudson:
"We got These Houses through Garbage": An analysis of public discourses of landfill scavenging are managed in two Brazilian gleaners’ construction of self through narrative discourse

Cynthia Klinowski:
Popular Culture Bewitched: Revealing the Secular Witch in Western Media Narratives

Kelley Power:
Communicative Actions and the Relationship Between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Peoples in Canada

Concetta Principe:
The Making of Americans as Trauma Writing

Naghmeh Saffrian Pour:
Women Mystics in Jami’s “Nafahat al-Uns”

Adele Spraggon:
Imagery in Depth Psychology: Exploring the Effect of the Goddess on the Psyche

Christina Sulmona:
The “Uncanny” Cyborg is Not Dead


Patricia Allen:
Dreams and Healing in Ancient Greece

Erika Grogan:
Humanism’s Papal Protector Nicholas V:  Scholar, Builder, Spiritual Leader

Alicia Grudzinskas:
Constantine and the Securion Legislation

Kara Hardin:
A Tentative Beginning Towards Happily Ever After: The Development of Romantic Love in Renaissance Italy

Jen Hyland:
“Take a Look, it’s in a Book”: Identity, the Body, and the Reader

Catherine Legault:
“Nimmi-culture”: War and New World Discourse in Canadian Fiction – “The Stone Carvers,” “Three Day Road” and “No Great Mischief”

Alexander Makar:
Evangelicalism and Film Culture: A Modern Expression of the Entrepreneurial Evangelical Inheritance

Sahar Rizvi:
Narratives of Martyrdom: Shia Mourning Rituals and the Poetical Manifestation of “Nohay/Marsiyeh” (Chapter 1 & 2)

Adina Siperman:
The Birth of the Hero

Elana Winick:
The Old Ball and Chain Straps her Man to the Bedpost: The Dominant Woman in Classical Society


Louisa Deleo:
Adam and Eve: A Social Metaphor

Yedida Eisenstat:
A Study of Ezekiel 8-11 in its Ancient Near Eastern Context

Jonas Granfosky:
The Message:  Political Rhetoric in Hip-Hop

Carla Ionescu:
The Christian Goddess

Sara Kun:
Three Victorian Scientists and their Investigations into the Phenomena of Spiritualism

Kady Shear:
Encephalitis Films of the 1920’s and 1930’s